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These are a bunch of pictures that I have made. I have been doodling in class since elementary school. Unfortunatly, my level of skill does not reflect the amount of time that I have spent with pencil and paper.

At some point, I decided to try scanning some pictures and coloring them in Adobe Photoshop / Aldus Photostyler. Even more recently, I've started to draw directly in Photoshop without the initial pencil sketch.

When I am actually working with a real medium, I tend to draw on anything that happens to be handy. Usually, this means a #2 pencil and either a college-ruled notebook or some inkjet printer paper. Some of my more recent sketches have been done in an actual sketchbook. I've started to enjoy the difference between pencils with different hardness values. Sketching with a 4H is great, and the deep black that you get with a 6B or 8B is truly fantastic.

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Sharbat Gula

Angelina Jolie

Milla Jovovich